Honest question: Will this winter ever end? We’re a week away from May and, save for that one stretch where it was 80 degrees for some reason, the last month has been nothing but 40-degree days and 30-degree nights. When spring/summer actually hits—for real this time—this city is going to go off.

So it’s with that warm-weather hope in our hearts that we turn our attention to the fate of a beloved symbol of cold-weather Milwaukee: that snow pile on the side of the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts’ parking structure. Here it is on Sunday, April 23:

You know the pile. You see it every time you drive/walk/bike past 929 N. Water St. You see it on our T-shirts. You see it on our social media. You see it on other folks’ social media, where they tag us and make us realize that, yes, we’re a nine-year-old media company that’s known primarily for taking pictures of a snow pile. We couldn’t be happier.

Anyway, with the thing apparently in its final death throes, IT’S TIME TO VOTE ON WHEN THE MARCUS CENTER PARKING STRUCTURE SNOW PILE WILL FINALLY MELT THIS YEAR. In both 2021 and 2022, the pile bit the big one on April 8. Wow! The 2023 pile ain’t fucking around! But when will it finally give up the ghost? Vote below, and think spring:

When Will It Melt?

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Okay, place your bets

When will the Marcus Center parking structure snow piles melt THIS year?

Let’s guess when that big snow pile on the side of the Marcus Center parking structure will finally melt

UPDATE: That Marcus Center snow pile is still hanging on

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