We’ve been covering the work of Milwaukee comedian, improviser, podcast host, and local gay icon Jacob Bach for quite some time. We first got to know him during a Q&A last August, a month before he guided Milwaukee Record co-founder Tyler Maas on a gay bar crawl. The two talked about that wonderful night on “The Fruit Loop,” as well as improv, over the course of two episodes of our On The Record podcast. Bach also welcomed Maas to his studio to be a twotime guest on his great Yeah, Bro! Podcast, a weekly show “where straight men talk about gay things.”

Over the course of 40 Yeah, Bro! episodes, Bach shared tons of laughs while also bridging the gap between both gay and straight misconceptions with a varied cast of guests including WebsterX and Lex Allen, a wealth of comedians, renowned drag queens, and even his own father. From revealing examinations of issues like how being gay is perceived in black culture and the Jehovah’s Witness church to lighthearted banter about “bears” and hanky code, we’ve loved every minute of it—so much so that we asked Bach if Yeah, Bro! would be interested in becoming part of the Milwaukee Record family.

Effective immediately, we’ll be sharing a new Yeah, Bro!—our partner podcast—with you every Monday. If streaming it here (or via the Yeah, Bro! SoundCloud account) isn’t your thing, you can also download episodes on iTunes. We’re excited to get this already popular podcast out to some new listeners and, occasionally, join forces for some live show debauchery. Speaking of that, come see a special edition of Yeah, Bro! Live—featuring Maas!—at ComedySportz on Friday, February 5. Until then, listen to the latest Yeah, Bro! episode, featuring Trixie Mattel (RuPaul’s Drag Race) and Jordan Gwiazdowski (Punk Assed Podcast).