This past Valentine’s Day, Milwaukee indie-folk musician Jorge Vallentine released Grace, For Those Who Need It, a four-song EP that chronicles his “journey through the unraveling of a difficult relationship [he’d] been in for 12 years.” Using songwriting as a means of coping and recovery, that release finds Vallentine pulling himself up from what he calls “the rock bottom moments of a tumultuous relationship ending in divorce” by processing his feelings through music. With that darkness now purged from his system, he’s ready to let love in again.

Today, Vallentine released the music video for his latest standalone single. According to Vallentine, “God In Everything” is about “working through self-doubt when it comes to being worthy of love, and finding that healthy love from a special person brings out the beauty of the world and life to make those doubts start to fade away as it heals us.”

The Austyn Meyer-shot music video doesn’t stray far from the song’s theme, as the footage shows Vallentine and his partner ANDII—who’s also a Milwaukee-based musician—spending time together on the beach, holding hands while driving and walking, and enjoying each other’s company at home over tea and a jam session. “The song highlights the wonder of everyday moments,” Vallentine says.

Between the warmth of the song, the optimism of its message, and its tender and heartfelt accompanying music video, you should do yourself a favor and watch/listen to “God In Everything” today. And if you have the means to do so, you should also consider helping ANDII by donating to her GoFundMe account that’s been set up to help cover some of her living expenses and she recovers from brain surgery, which she’s scheduled to undergo soon.

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