Less than two weeks after the abrupt shutdown of its kitchen, the East Side Red Dot Bar has shut down for good. According to Milwaukee Magazine, the Bartlett Ave. bar and restaurant recently put up a sign indicating it was taking a two-week “vacation.” Further inquiry, however, revealed that owner Martin Beaudoin has put both the business and building up for sale. MilMag continues:

“However, Beaudoin says he’s decided to ‘consolidate’ and concentrate his efforts on Red Dot Tosa (6715 W. North Ave.), which he opened three years ago in the old Shepherd’s. With a stage and sound system at the West Side business, he plans to start offering open-mic night and live music.”

On July 14, a Facebook status announced that the East Side Red Dot’s “kitchen will be closed indefinitely. Thank you for your loyal patronage.” When reached for comment, head chef Chris McCann indicated he had moved to the Tosa location, “and brought the menu and food with me.” The East Side Red Dot opened in 2005. As noted above, the Tosa location, founded in 2013, remains open.

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