Feeling tired? Stressed out? Maybe a little blocked up? Then have a seat, close your eyes, and flush your cares away with the cleansing sounds of “Milwaukee Poop Poop Poop Song!” Here it is:

Yes, “Milwaukee Poop Poop Poop Song!” The 64-second ditty is from City Poop Songs, the latest 48-track album from noted bathroom artist The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke And Pee. And if you find yourself traveling outside of Milwaukee in the near future—to, say, Austin, Montreal, or Tokyo—The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke And Pee has you covered, too: “Poop Song For Austin, Texas!” “Montreal Poop Song (Canada!)” and “Tokyo Tokyo Poop Song (Tokyo!)” are also featured on City Poop Songs. Here’s the Milwaukee one again:

In real life, The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke And Pee is Massachusetts-based comedy musician Matt Farley. The 30-something Farley has carved out a strange (and successful) career in recent years, releasing (some say spamming) hundreds of novelty albums and tens of thousands of novelty songs on Spotify and iTunes. Most of them are released under various band names, and many of them are about, well, poop. According to Farley’s website:

One guy has written 18,000 songs!!!!!

His name is Matt Farley. He uses 70 different aliases including Papa Razzi And The Photogs, The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man, The Toilet Bowl Cleaners, The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, and The Singing Animal Lover.

In 2008, Farley started writing songs about every topic imaginable. If someone might search for it, Farley will have a song about it. As of 2016, he has released more than 18,300 songs. He changes his name to correspond with the theme of the album. So, The Hungry Food Band does songs about food; Papa Razzi and the Photogs sing about celebrities; The Singing Animal Lover sings about animals; The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over sings people’s first names over and over; and so on.

Farley appeared on The Tonight Show in 2016, and made a cool $23,000 from his music in 2013. No shit! Here’s that Milwaukee song again. Enjoy.

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