Late last month, Milwaukee Record co-founder/editor Tyler Maas embarked on a straight man’s tour of every Milwaukee gay bar in a single night. To help him navigate the unfamiliar territory, he called upon Jacob Bach—actor, ComedySportz improviser, openly gay scout leader, and host of the great Yeah, Bro Podcast—to serve as his gay ambassador. The two became fast friends in July, when Maas was a guest on Episode 13 of Yeah, Bro. The one-night, nine-bar, innumerable-drink traversing of Milwaukee’s “Fruit Loop” only brought them closer.

A few days after the eye-opening bar crawl, the duo reconvened in the very same ComedySportz storage room where they truly met for the first time. This time, the tables were turned and Maas was interviewing Bach for an episode of On The Record. While reliving the standout moments from the recent journey, they take some relevant departures to discuss BDSM and kinks, “daddy culture,” honesty in gay and straight dating circles, the stigma surrounding bisexual men, and whether gay bars still have a place in an increasingly welcoming society. Of course, they discuss Bach’s recent onslaught of local press, LGBT progress being made in scouting, and the ongoing Yeah, Bro Go Fund Me campaign. In short, this freewheeling, fun, and absolutely NSFW episode is unlike any other On The Record you’ve ever heard.

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