Usually I’d begin an article like this with “In case you missed it…”, but since there’s absolutely no way you missed this story, let’s get right to it. Milwaukee Public Market is opening a new outdoor ice skating rink on Friday. Dubbed “The Dinky Rink,” it’s being touted as the area’s smallest public ice rink. It’s located outside the Market, on the north side of the building. It is indeed small:

The bring-your-own-skates skating rink is free, though you have to register HERE. Only eight people will be allowed on the ice at a time. Oh, and be sure to take your skates off before you head into the Market!

Anyway, that’s the gist of the story. The big (tiny?) news dropped yesterday afternoon, and every Milwaukee media outlet and their mother covered it. Why didn’t we? Well, I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday afternoon, and I was taking an office nap. Don’t worry: I also took a COVID test later in the day, and it came back negative. Phew! I feel much better today.

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