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Back in February 2017, cooperatively owned and operated bar/venue/community space Riverwest Public House issued an unusual call-to-arms: business was slow, the Public House said, and folks needed to step up, stop by, and support the co-op if it was going to survive. A year later, the Public House is still around, but its situation hasn’t much improved. In February 2018, another statement was issued, this one detailing the co-op’s “dire financial situation.”

So what’s going on with the Riverwest Public House—which just celebrated its seventh anniversary—and how can Milwaukee help save it? Evan and Matt are joined by Public House emissaries Tea Krulos and Lisa Knapp to discuss the past, present, and future of the space, the difficulties of keeping a co-op afloat, the venue’s packed March and April calendar (look for a two-day benefit March 30-31), and a potential “Weird Al” happy hour.

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