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On February 26, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editor George Stanley penned a remarkably frank editorial about the many changes coming to the daily paper. Combined sections, reduced stock listings, and, um, the return of Parade magazine were just some of those changes. “Changes to the printed newspaper are unsettling to us as well as our readers,” Stanley wrote. “We make them reluctantly to keep the costs of print and delivery in line with print revenue.”

Later in the editorial, Stanley got real and made this plea:

“It may be bad timing to ask at a time when we are making trims to the printed paper, but the truth is we need support from subscribers more than ever before to continue doing the in-depth reporting in Wisconsin that you can trust, that matters most and that you can’t get anywhere else. If you are a loyal reader, please consider buying a gift subscription for a friend or family member who does not subscribe now.”

Ryan, Evan, and Matt discuss this bold call to action—a call to action more and more newspapers are being forced to make these days. They also compare it to a similar request from the Riverwest Public House, Milwaukee’s activist-minded co-op tavern that recently asked its patrons to, well, patronize the space more often. Kickstarter, the war on the media, lousy websites, and Matt’s strange childhood reading habits are also discussed.

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