With exactly four months left, it’s safe to say 2017 is Abby Jeanne‘s year. Between New Year’s Day and the end of August, the owner of one of Milwaukee’s—if not Wisconsin’s—best voices released her debut album, played virtually every local event ending in “Fest,” put a few music videos out into the world, and earned heaps of glowing local press on the way to winning over hoards of new listeners.

While that’s more than enough productivity for most, Abby decided to start the final third of her biggest artistic year to date by releasing a new single, which could be her best song yet. “Cosmic Beings” is a winning combination of the crooner’s incomparable vocal flare, captivating hooks, and criminally catchy instrumental backing. It was recorded and mixed by Daniel Holter at Wire & Vice, and it’s the first song in Abby’s catalog she didn’t record, mix, and produce herself. Stream “Cosmic Beings” now before catching Abby Jeanne at Bay View Bash on September 16.

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