These days, listeners probably know Shane Hochstetler as the owner, operator, and recording engineer at Howl Street Recordings. In addition to recording hundreds of projects from all corners of the Midwest (and beyond!) at his long-running and highly-respected studio, Hochstetler is also one of Milwaukee’s favorite percussionists. Through the years, he’s drummed in renowned bands like Call Me Lightning, Hero Of A Hundred Fights, Managra, Zebras, Haymarket Riot, Bad Grades, and more. Before that, however, he was a kid living in Rhinelander who was performing at northern Wisconsin bars with his uncle’s country band.

Recently, Hochstetler invited My First Band host Tyler Maas to Howl Street Recordings to talk about his lengthy tenure behind a drum kit, his turn to recording, and where his career in music all started. Over the course of the conversation, Shane talked about challenges the COVID-19 crisis brought to the recording industry, being on tour with Child Bite when the pandemic made its presence known in the U.S., his country cover band origins, and all the memorable moments from his various projects over the course of his over 30-year musical run. Along the way, Hochstetler also discussed standout shows (both good and bad ones), each of Call Me Lightning’s tremendous albums, and a new band he’s working on called Shit’s Fucked.

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