Since we’re heading into a holiday weekend and there are better things to worry about—fireworks, America, fireworks—Milwaukee Record co-founders Matt Wild and Tyler Maas decided to take things easy this week and sit in as guests on their own show. Episode 25 of On The Record finds Wild and Maas taking questions from you, the readers and listeners, about themselves and Milwaukee Record. Helping them out was Milwaukee (and soon-to-be-Chicago) comedian Liz Ziner, who was kind enough to serve as host and interviewer. Questions are posed, questions are answered, jokes are cracked, and Matt and Tyler get married in the end. Maybe.

As always, this episode is brought to you by our friends at Ale Asylum, which was enjoyed on air, and 42 Ale House/42 Lounge. Since Matt talks about his old band, Holy Mary Motor Club, during the show (what else is new), the opening song is “We Watched It All Go Wrong” by HMMC. The closing tune is “Everybody Knows You Can’t Sleep With Your Eyes Closed” by Brett Newski. Subscribe to On The Record via iTunes or Stitcher (for free!)