The year 2016 will be remembered by many as a 366-day span of time in which the world experienced frightening political change, growing racial division, and a staggering stream of high profile celebrity deaths. Milwaukee singer and producer Abby Jeanne can be counted among the many who are happy to say goodbye to 2016. She says as much about the year that “gave [her] gray hair” in the first single from her forthcoming debut album, Rebel Love.

“Aged Young” is a downtrodden reflection on the year that, unfortunately, was. The somber and emotionally wrought song receives a simple, one-shot video representation that’s befitting of the stripped-down and vocally-driven single itself.

“Obviously, 2016 gave everybody gray hair,” Jeanne says. “As dark as this song sounds, I meant for it to be a hopeful song. There’s still room to make a mark in the world. There’s still room to make your dreams come true.”

The “Aged Young” music video was shot and produced by Jeanne and guitarist Palmer Shah in Jeanne’s home studio, where she also wrote and self-recorded Rebel Love (which will be digitally released February 17). Abby Jeanne will perform the music of Devil Met Contention at our Local Coverage benefit show on January 13, then will travel to India to write and record material in February. As you wait for Rebel Love‘s release, watch the video for “Aged Young” and hope for better things in 2017.

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