In news that’s sure to delight last weekend’s Anime Milwaukee crowd and haunt the dreams of Bob Uecker, Illinois cosplay company Pawstar has announced that it’s coming to Racine. The Milwaukee Business Journal reports that the “clothing manufacturer that makes furry gear for people to cosplay as cats and wolves” is moving into the former Imperial Laundry Services space in Racine’s Uptown neighborhood. Fifteen jobs will come along with the move, and the company “could grow to almost 30 employees within five years.” Meanwhile, in nearby Mount Pleasant, a different kind of “fox” drama continues to play out.

“We have grown from a small company in our home basement in 2003 and we’re excited to grow into this new space and expand our operations to meet this new potential,” Pawstar CFO Scott Grace told the Business Journal.

So what kind of stuff will Pawstar be making in its new Wisconsin home? How about a Wild Wolf Fur Trimmed Sleeveless Shrug ($75), a Furkini Top ($25), Spicy Fox Paw Warmers ($40), a Basic Fluffy Mew Ear Headband ($20), and oodles of collars, cuffs, and leashes. Oh, and don’t forget those full furry onesies, “perfect for romping, evening cuddle time, or casual Friday at the office.”

Wanna customize your furry gear? Pawstar can do that. Wanna wash and dry your soiled furry gear? Well, Pawstar doesn’t recommend that. Cue the Uecker clip!

Aaaaand the clip of Juiceboxxx doing the Racine & Me theme song.

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