Though Abby Jeanne says “2016 gave [her] gray hair,” the incomparable Cream City crooner, songwriter, and producer is poised for bigger and better things in 2017. So far in this young year, she’s turned in an unforgettable set at Local Coverage, she’s spent a month writing and recording in India, and she just put out her debut album.

To mark today’s official release of Rebel Love, Abby Jeanne took to her home studio and filmed a music video. The soulful, guitar-driven “Baby Roll ‘N Stone” received a visual pairing that perfectly suits the song’s classic feel. Gabrielle Tesfaye and Rose Curly shot the video on 16mm film, using a 1950 Bell And Howell “Filmo” camera.

The final product is one in which Abby Jeanne keeps it simple, with a hazy, black and white video that seems to lack any clear concept. She sings. Music plays. When it’s Abby Jeanne’s voice and music, that’s all you need.

Before Abby Jeanne’s Rebel Love release show with Paper Holland and D’Amato at Cactus Club on March 10, check out the video for “Baby Roll ‘N Stone” now.

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