Death, taxes, and next-level Fuzzysurf music videos. Those are the three certainties in life. You probably know about the first two things existence guarantees us, but if you’re unfamiliar with the third, we’ll elaborate. On top of being an excellent band, Milwaukee’s own Fuzzysurf also puts out some ambitious and all-around awesome visual works to pair with its surf-tinged indie rock songs.

After managing amazing and entertaining videos over and over and over and over and over again in the past two years, you might think the band is running low on ideas for ways to make their next single stand out. You would be wrong. Today, Fuzzysurf released yet another impressive and enjoyable music video. This time around, “Surfana”—a power pop-nodding standout from last year’s Sweet Tooth EP—gets the video treatment.

The band asked Eric Dolister—who previously worked with Fuzzysurf on its “How Do You Decide?” video last year—to direct. Shot over the course of a single morning in a swanky and stylish Chicago dwelling, “Surfana” chronicles Fuzzysurf and its drastically different members co-existing in an apartment.

“We felt his individual film style would mesh great, as [Dolister] creates a lot of movement and a ton of energy in his shots,” Fuzzysurf singer-guitarist Sean Lehner says. “It’s something we felt perfectly suited the song and zaniness we were looking for on the visual side of things.”

Between the shots of the band eating breakfast (be on the lookout for references to previous videos here!), bunking up together, and struggling for space in the bathroom, there’s also lots of footage of Fuzzysurf playing the catchy summer-suited song. Pour yourself a big bowl of Fuzzy Loopz Cereal and watch Fuzzysurf’s “Surfana” video now.

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