Besides a few exceptions, the days of a band or rapper being “discovered” and inked to a record deal on a major label are long gone. Lately, musicians and other music aficionados are taking a much more active role in releasing their own music. It’s safe to say that there are more record labels today than ever before, including some great ones right here in Milwaukee. With the ever-changing landscape of the music industry and more competition than ever, there’s a lot to discuss.

This was the most crowded installment and also one of the funnest episodes so far, as host Tyler Maas (who had to sit on a plastic tote due to a shortage of chairs) discussed the trials, the tribulations, and the validation that come along with owning and operating an independent record label in Milwaukee. Joining Tyler was Kevin Meyer from Dusty Medical Records (a 10-year-old rock/punk label that puts out vinyl releases for its primarily-Milwaukee-based roster), Chris Schulist and John Kuester from Dope Folks Records (a hip-hop reissue label that celebrates its fifth anniversary Friday), and Joe Peterson of brand new cassette label Gloss Records (and also of Rio Turbo and Platinum Boys).

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