Last fall, we formally introduced you to You Win !!!, the young project consisting of multi-talented Milwaukee musician Amanda Huff and producer William Gardiner (who releases music under the moniker of This Random Machine). The news of that exciting and ambitious collaboration was accompanied by the premiere of “Shrap.nel,” the group’s debut single. The self-described “trip-hop/dark pop” duo’s outstanding song later got a claymation music video treatment back in November, which came with a promise the band would release more music in 2021.

You Win !!! will make good on that pledge when the project officially releases its second single on March 12. “Painmonger” finds the band taking a noticeably more energetic approach than they did on the danceable-yet-dour “Shrap.nel.” This time around, Huff delivers catchy melodies with lyrics that address disproportionately dark themes like pain, identity, and transformation. Meanwhile, This Random Machine—who recorded the song at the Hear Here Presents studio—employs soaring synths and other lush electronic layers that, along with Mark Stewart’s guest percussion, help showcase the group’s astounding versatility and lofty potential.

A “Painmonger” video directed by Brendan Thain Jones is expected to debut sometime this coming spring, and more music can be expected from You Win !!! before year’s end. Before all of that, however, and even before the forthcoming single becomes available on the project’s Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify pages, you can listen to “Painmonger” below.

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