Back in September, we formally introduced you to You Win !!!, the new project consisting of multi-talented Milwaukee musician Amanda Huff and producer William Gardiner (who releases music under the moniker of This Random Machine). The news of that exciting collaboration was accompanied by the premiere of “Shrap.nel,” the group’s debut single.

This past weekend, the dynamic duo treated Flannel Fest viewers to the first official performance as You Win !!! and, during that livestream, they also debuted a new music video for the aforementioned lead single. The video for “Shrap.nel” finds the group’s self-described “trip-hop/dark pop” material getting fitting visual accompaniment in the form of claymation and stop-motion animation from local artist Francheska Gomez.

Over the course of the meticulously crafted video, viewers encounter a sentient worm, a three-eye bird, envy, and eventual acceptance of fate. You Win !!! plans to put out another single this year and is working on a full-length they intend to release sometime in 2021. Before either of those are release, you can watch claymation creatures evolve, adapt, and experience the circle of life in the video for “Shrap.nel” below.

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