Have you ever wanted to drink while sitting inside an enormous peanut shell? If you answered yes to that extremely specific/strange question and you’ll be around Milwaukee between July 9 and July 12, the fine folks at Miller High Life and Planters have you covered with “The Nuttiest Dive Bar.”

In a nutshell, this creative corporate pairing finds the peanut powerhouse’s 26-foot-long NUTmobile being transformed into a bar by the brewery behind The Champagne Of Beers. This nutty dive bar on wheels features a selfie wall, a “classic dive bar drop ceiling,” a nut-shaped juke box, dim bar lighting, a warm nut machine, peanut- and beer-themed yard games, and all the High Life you can drink (in 90 minutes).

The Nuttiest Dive Bar will be parked at 4251 W. State St. and can be reserved for 90-minute blocks (for the yet-to-be-reveled “price of peanuts”) starting Friday, June 16. No matter the price you’d have to shell out, you’d be nuts to miss out on the chance to drink High Life in a giant peanut this summer.

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