Following an enjoyable and altogether successful inaugural year, Bandsketball is back. The band-based basketball tournament returned to the courts on Fratney and Center streets in Riverwest for a second session last weekend, as 32 teams laced up their sneakers…along with a great deal of less-appropriate footwear and convened for the DIY tourney’s opening round. By the time the last game ended, a respectable crowd turned out to see the field shrink by 16 teams.


Texas Tapeworms vs. Airo Kwil — Airo Kwil
Rocket Paloma vs. Greatest Lakes — Greatest Lakes
Cub Pilot vs. Antler House — Antler House
Bo Triplex vs. Absolutely — Bo Triplex
Cherryball vs. Three. Stacks. Eliot — Cherryball
Grasping At Straws vs. Twin Brother — Twin Brother
Calliope vs. Ugly Brothers — Ugly Brothers
New Age Narcissism vs. Rio Turbo — New Age Narcissism
SAFS Crew vs. New Boyz Club — SAFS Crew
The Quiet Time vs. Delta Routine — Delta Routine
The Fatty Acids vs. Natural Facts — Natural Facts
Ladders vs. The Midwestern Charm — Ladders
Thriftones vs. Cavewives — The Cavewives
Brat Sounds vs. Brett Newski — Brett Newski
D’amato vs. Work — D’amato
Sat. Nite Duets vs. Soul Low — Sat Nite Duets


Airo Kwil vs. Greatest Lakes
Antler House vs. Bo Triplex
Cherryball vs. Twin Brother
Ugly Brothers vs. New Age Narcissism
SAFS Crew vs. Delta Routine
Natural Facts vs. Ladders
The Cavewives vs. Brett Newski
D’amato vs. Sat Nite Duets

Bandsketball’s second round roars on this weekend. The games start at 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 18. Anyone is welcome to attend this free event.


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