Fuzzysurf is like the OK Go of the Milwaukee music scene. To be clear, we mean that in the best possible way. On top of churning out top-notch indie rock tunes, the band routinely can be counted upon to pair those great songs with visuals that are ambitious, impressive, and altogether awesome. Seriously! We’ve written about like 10 of their music videos over the past few years.

While you can pretty much rely on every new Fuzzysurf video to be outstanding, the band’s latest could very well be considered its best work yet. Today, Fuzzysurf’s brand new video for “Sheep Shed” dropped. This time around, the band called upon familiar creative cohorts (Tommy Simms and Joe Ludwig of Simwig Studios) to carry their video for their latest single to the next level.

Why waste any more time writing about it?! We know you want to watch this thing, so let’s just run down some of our favorite parts:

• Poster hanging hijinks in Bay View
• A comical battle of the bands that’s filmed at X-Ray Arcade
• Our friend and frequent Milwaukee Record helper Shea makes a cameo
• A Grease-style montage where a car is souped up
• A car race through some familiar places, including the desolate roads right outside our old office
• The song is very catchy and fun

That’s just some of what awaits you in Fuzzysurf’s new “Sheep Shed” music video. You can/absolutely should watch it below.

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