The internet is a wonderful and awful place. Wonderful because a near-infinite amount of human knowledge is instantly available at our fingertips; awful because despite that near-infinite amount of human knowledge instantly available at our fingertips, we can’t find a damn thing about Giggles nightclub, which was apparently a happening joint at the Northridge and Southridge malls back in the ’80s. Let’s look at the only remaining proof of its existence: this tantalizing video relic, via the ever-vigilant TV Madman.

Oh, we have questions. “You’ve probably seen Giggles by day,” teases a non-giggling narrator over shots of spotty ’80s teens eating cheeseburgers. “Now see Giggles at night!” (Cut to an incredible glimpse of ’80s mall nightlife.) So, this was a kids place during the day? And a seedy nightclub at night? A seedy nightclub where you could still get a burger along with the “coldest beer in Milwaukee”? And what does “a fun night out with a difference” mean? And what’s up with the final tagline: “Giggles. Northridge and Southridge. When the lights come on, so does the fun.” That doesn’t make any sense.

If anyone has any information or memories of Giggles—or if you happen to be the Paul Zerkel-esque DJ at the :08 mark, or the lady doing the Twist at :23—we’re all ears.

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