Population Control boasts a pedigree of current and former members from such noted noisemakers as Northless, Bad Grades, Uhtcearu, Hammered, Skategoat, Architects Of The Aftermath, and Crosses. Though its associated acts are impressive, the self-described “crossover thrash metal” outfit warrants attention in its own right. The band has been known to frequent the stage at Bay View haunts like Frank’s Power Plant and Cactus Club. They tour with some regularity, and they’ve released a handful of memorable albums, splits, and EPs in their five-plus years together.

That catalog will grow a little more this week with the release of Schadenfreude, Population Control’s forthcoming four-song EP. New single, “From Where The Rotting Stench Came,” is more of the same from the Milwaukee metal mainstay—meant in the best possible way. Mike Gamm’s masterful guitar work alternates from chugging riffs to intricate, lightning-quick solos. Gamm’s contributions seem to match the intensity of Ricky Ramirez’s menacing roar, along with the fast and forceful onslaught of chest-pounding bass and percussion. As you might expect from a song called “From Where The Rotting Stench Came,” it’s a hell of a ride.

Population Control will release Schadenfreude on Wednesday, April 25 during a tour sendoff show at Cactus Club. Scathed, Cryptual, and Wargames will play in support. The show begins at 9 p.m. and costs $8. Before the band christens the new EP and hits the road, listen to “From Where The Rotting Stench Came” below.

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