It’s almost time for the 2024 Wisconsin State Fair! (It runs August 1-11.) And that means it’s time to unveil, ponder, drool over, and/or worry about this year’s Sporkies finalists! You know, the Sporkies! The State Fair’s annual weird-and-wacky foodstuff competition that tasks local eateries to come up with, well, weird-and-wacky foodstuff!

And you better believe this year’s competition features some doozies. There’s a Cool Ranch Doritos Pickle, some Deep-Fried Lemonade Bites, some peanut-butter-slathered Elvis Nachos, and, yes, a ham sandwich made out of Kwik Trip Glazers. Incredible.

Here are the eight Sporkies finalists, which will all be available at the Fair. Oh, and don’t forget about the weird-and-wacky drinks, the Drinkies! (Photos and blurbs courtesy of the Fair.)


Cool Ranch Doritos Pickle
Available at Deep-Fried Mashed Potatoes On-a-Stick
Bite into the Cool Ranch Doritos Pickle! This large dill pickle is spiral-cut on-a-stick, rolled into crushed up Cool Ranch Doritos, and you guessed it, deep-fried. Served up with ranch dressing for dipping and you’ll be set for a delicious day!

Deep-Fried Lemonade Bites
Available at Saz’s BBQ
Nothing is better than a refreshing ice-cold lemonade break on a hot summer day. Take it up a Fair notch with a “sip” of these Deep-Fried Lemonade Bites. Made with Hawaiian sweet rolls dipped in a French toast batter, a homemade lemonade curd filling, deep-fried to golden perfection, and tossed in a lemon sugar with a drizzle of icing.

Dirty Chai Cinnamon Roll Lumpia
Available at Lumpia City
The Dirty Chai Cinnamon Roll Lumpia takes the best part of a cinnamon roll, the gooey center, adds a little spice, and rolls it up in a crispy lumpia wrapper. This unconventional dessert is made with fresh dough, chai-spiced brown sugar butter, and cream cheese espresso frosting.

Elote Corn Ribs
Available at Tropics
Take the Midwest staple of corn on the cob, but add a little spice! The Elote Corn Ribs are made from corn on the cob with the cob acting as the “bone” of the corn “rib,” tossed in hickory smoked batter and deep-fried. Dusted with cotija cheese, these ribs will be served over a bed of crisp kettle chips with a side of homemade Elote dip with a lime wedge on the side.

Elvis Nachos
Available at Slim McGinn’s Irish Pub
Bringing back a blast from the past in the form of this shareable sweet and salty boat full of love. The Elvis Nachos feature homemade peanut butter banana sauce over Slim’s famous deep-fried potato chips and topped with chopped peanuts, chopped banana chips, and crumbled bacon that you can’t help falling in love with.

Hot Ham and Glazers
Available at Bud Pavilion
Enjoy this take on the Wisconsin tradition of “Sunday Hot Ham and Rolls” but luckily, Hot Ham and Glazers is now served every day of the Wisconsin State Fair! Thinly sliced, savory, smoked hot ham covered with creamy, melted Swiss cheese, and drizzled with spicy and sweet raspberry jam stuffed between two iconic Kwik Trip™ Glazers donuts. Served warm, it’s a sweet and savory, melt-in-your-mouth experience!

Loaded Baked Potato Churro
Available at WürstBar
Dig into all the goodness of a loaded baked potato with a crispy, deep-fried outside layer! The Loaded Baked Potato Churro is stuffed with the classic baked potato toppings like bacon, chives, and cheddar cheese with housemade sour cream and onion dipping sauce on the side.

Rise and Swine
Available at Camp Bar
Shatter the myth that you can’t have dessert for breakfast with the Rise and Swine! This warm brioche-based waffle has pearl sugar nestled into the dough, giving it just the right amount of sweet and caramelization. The waffle is then topped with Camp Bar’s Classic Vanilla Custard, a drizzle of Wisconsin maple syrup, gooey caramel sauce, toasted crunch bits, a dusting of powdered sugar, and for a savory twist, two made-to-order breakfast sausage links.


Fairway Fusion
Available at The Old Fashioned Sipper Club
The Fairway Fusion takes a refreshing twist on a summer classic – the Arnold Palmer. This sipper is equal parts sweet tea and lemonade with a mix of pineapple and key lime juices, a splash of coconut syrup, and topped with fresh mint leaves and a lime wedge for garnish.

Glazed Donut Coffee Float
Available at Fluffy’s Hand Cut Donuts
The Glazed Donut Coffee Float features rich glazed donut-infused iced coffee over creamy vanilla ice cream, topped with a golden glazed donut hole, and delicate glazed donut crumbles. Every sip is a journey into sweet, caffeinated paradise!

Purple Pickle Lemonade
Available at Tropics
Take a traditional Fair favorite, fresh squeezed lemonade and add a new Fair favorite, pickles! Sweet and tart, the Purple Pickle Lemonade mixes lemonade, pickle juice, and baby dill pickles together for a refreshing drink. Plus, adding Butterfly Pea Flower naturally makes the drink purple for extra Fair fun!

Tropical Sunset
Available at Deep-Fried Mashed Potatoes On-a-Stick
The Tropical Sunset is a sparkly twist on a favorite refreshing drink! This drink consists of jasmine green tea infused with strawberry, mango, and pineapple juice with 100% edible, FDA approved glitter. Hold up your refreshing drink to the sun, give it a swirl, and watch the whole State Fair shimmer.

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