Milwaukee mainstay Lakefront Brewery is the best. Russian president Vladimir Putin is a dick (to put it lightly). What happens when the two collide? Lakefront’s new “Putin Is A Dick” crowler label, of course.

“This crowler supports the refugees of Ukraine,” the label reads. “Lakefront Brewery is donating $10 to the National Bank of Ukraine’s Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians affected by Russia’s aggression to help the refugees of the war. This crowler costs an extra $5 and we are matching those funds for a full $10 from each crowler going to those in need.”

There’s also a drawing of Putin, with a big ol’ “PUTIN IS A DICK” scrawled across his forehead.

Lakefront hopes to have the labels ready for its next fish fry on Friday, March 4. They will be available at the brewery, or online for pickup. Lakefront anticipates raising $10,000.

A press release explains that “the name, ‘Putin is a Dick,’ was inspired by a Ukrainian craft brewery that Lakefront has brewed two collaboration beers with in the past. Pravda Brewery in Lviv brewed a popular beer with the same name, ‘Putin is a Dick.’ And not only does Lakefront have a connection with Ukraine via brewery partners, but they have exported beer to Ukraine for the past seven years.”

“The relationship with our friends in Ukraine has been growing for some time,” says Lakefront’s Export Beer Sales Manager, Andy Junk, in the press release. “And the recent events have broken our hearts. When we can help, we feel empowered. And now Lakefront fans can too. We also encourage other breweries as well, to create their own ‘Putin is a Dick’ brand to raise funds as well.”

The Milwaukee Business Journal notes that “Lakefront Brewery executives were inspired after watching news videos of people filling green beer bottles with the ingredients for makeshift Molotov cocktail bombs.” That only makes sense, since bottles of Junk’s 2019 “My Turn” Lakefront beer could totally explode.

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