At a time that finds America’s ideological gap widening at an alarming clip and the upcoming election only fueling the flames of political divide, the country needs a good laugh. Enter David Cross. Over the course of his lengthy and accomplished comedy career, the comedian, actor, and author has coaxed laughter from pointed social commentary directed at trends and caricatures seated on both sides of the aisle. Sadly, being on set hasn’t permitted Cross to tour since 2009. That is, it hasn’t until now.

Fresh off his incredible (yet far too short) Netflix series W/ Bob & David, the Mr. Show co-creator, Arrested Development never-nude Tobias Fünke, and incomparable stand-up comic will embark on a lengthy nationwide tour. Fortunately, his “Making America Great Again!” tour will stop at Pabst Theater on Tuesday, March 15. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon and cost $32.50.

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