If East Side food hall Crossroads Collective seems a little…empty these days, it’s because it kind of is. A number of vendors have departed Crossroads in recent months, including Atwood Hwy BBQ Company and The Counter Day Bar. But never fear! Four—count ’em, four!—new restaurants are scheduled to join still-open Kawa Ramen & Sushi, Nute’s Cafe, and Scratch Ice Cream in the near future.

Here’s some quick info on the incoming businesses:

Temple Goddess + Adonis Burger Co.

Owners Gregory Cilmi and Eve Savva will bring both Temple Goddess and Adonis Burger Co. to the space formerly occupied by Atwood Hwy BBQ Company. (Both brands formerly had a space at downtown’s troubled Paper Table food hall.) Temple Goddess will specialize in Mediterranean fusion; Adonis Burger Co. will specialize in vegan burgers. A proposed opening date for both brands is listed as November 15.

Mex Avenue

Wauwatosa-based Mex Avenue is expected to open a Crossroads location in late October or early November. Owned by Melissa Escobar, the Mexican eatery will occupy the space next to Temple Goddess and Adonis Burger Co. And yes, there will be alcohol.

Ready To Roll

An artisan egg roll joint from daughter-mother team Shatoia and Sandra Robinson is scheduled to open in Crossroads on November 2. A grand opening is set for November 10. Ready To Roll will be located in Crossroads’ temporary pop-up stall, The Corner, through April 2024.

“Shatoia, with her rich background as a former food truck owner in Chicago, brings a wealth of experience in crafting delectable culinary creations,” explains Ready To Roll’s website. “Her love for handcrafted artisanal food is deeply rooted in her journey of exploring diverse flavors and perfecting the art of egg roll making. Complementing this culinary prowess is Sandra’s rich experience in Communications and Radio. Her skills in connecting with people and telling compelling stories play a pivotal role in shaping the brand identity of Ready To Roll.”

Three egg rolls are listed on the website:

The Southern Belle: “Get your hands on Ready To Roll’s one-of-a-kind superfood egg rolls—made with fresh garlicky roasted collard and turnip greens, mixed with kale. Fried and dipped in our signature garlic butter sauce.”

• The Chi: “Inspired by the famous Chicago Italian Beef sandwich, but veganized! Made with vegan ‘beef,’ bell peppers, and vegan cheese. Fried and dipped in our signature garlic butter sauce.”

• The Chicken Philly: “We took the traditional Philly Cheesesteak and reinvented it with ground chicken, onions, bell peppers, and cheese. Rolled it all together, fried, and dipped it in our signature garlic butter sauce.”

In other Crossroads news, Kawa Ramen & Sushi has been operating out of the stall formerly occupied by Egg & Flour since July 2023, following a fire at its nearby location at 2321 N. Murray Ave. The Counter Day Bar, a heavily hyped non-alcoholic cocktail bar from Discourse, closed in July 2023 after five months in business. (Discourse operated an “experimental coffee bar” in the same space from January 2022 to December 2022.) Nute’s Café opened in April 2023, replacing Ruta’s Cafe, the latter of which now has its own location at 207 W. Freshwater Way in Walker’s Point.

Crossroads Collective opened on the corner of North and Farwell in late 2018. Longtime Milwaukeeans still remember the space as the former home of Oriental Drugs pharmacy. (Fun fact: The creator of the famous “Oriental Pharmacy Lunch Counter” sculpture, Adolph Rosenblatt, is the father of artist Eli Rosenblatt, and the grandfather of Bug Moment singer Jasmine Rosenblatt!)

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