At Random—known for its specialty cocktails, surly servers, and sporadic hours of operation—is usually nestled somewhere between Bryant’s and (insert other local bar du jour) on the onslaught of online “Best Bars In America”-type listings regularly infiltrating your Facebook feed. Now, the longstanding Bay View lounge is part of a different type of listing: a real estate listing.

While looking for info on the recently listed property that still kinda-sorta houses Down & Over Pub (which is also for sale, but we totally called that happening), we stumbled upon the surprising news that At Random is on the market as well. Apparently, begrudgingly-served ice cream drink establishments that open and close whenever they damn well please aren’t pulling in money like they used to. For a list price of $399,000 (the price of about 20 Tiki Love Bowls), the 2,144 square foot property that has stood at the corner of Delaware and Russell Avenues since 1884 could belong to you (with “Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Negotiable”).

Called a “Turn-Key Opportunity” by the listing, At Random could easily thrive under new ownership. Turning the dimmer switch a quarter inch clockwise and dropping the “just see if we’re open, you piece of shit!” gimmick could do wonders to help the “Thriving, Well-Known Bay View Brand” reclaim its past glory.

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