Back in 2016 we stumbled across a local auto detailing and carpet cleaning commercial that was, in a word, the best. Created by Milwaukee-by-way-of-Memphis entrepreneur Joshua Jones, the no-budget, catchy-as-hell ad was so good, in fact, that we asked Jones to create a commercial (and jingle) for us. He came through. So what has Jones been up to lately? We’re glad you asked…

Behold some of Jones’ recent work, newly uploaded to his YouTube channel. There’s this incredible ad for J & J Fish And Chicken, featuring Jones doing a different voice every five seconds, Jones dancing, and Jones saying “Winner winner, chicken dinner!” twice.

Speaking of chicken, Jones’ commercial for Fryerz boasts all the delicious auto-tune (and auto-tuned catchphrases) one could ask for. Fryerz: They’re open late!

Ditto this jingle for Boost Mobile, which makes up for its lack of visuals with plenty of tuneful lines about “whack service” and the lack of activation fees.

Do you not eat steaks, but got a gift card for steaks? Do you not go skating, but got a gift card for skating? Jones has a gift-card-buy-back commercial for that.

Yes, Jones still has it. And he’s making national headlines, too. Here’s a clip from that weird, syndicated RightThisMinute show you may have flipped past at 1 a.m., featuring Jones’ original auto detailing and carpet cleaning ad, plus a quick shout-out to Milwaukee Record. “So he just had to buy the time on the station?” asks one guy. “They’ll pay you to put that kind of gold on TV!” replies another. Damn right.

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