This week’s guest is Tim Kasher. In addition to fronting legendary Omaha emo outfit Cursive, Kasher can be heard in The Good Life and on his four solo albums. Over the course of his nearly-30-year career, he’s toured extensively, put out some downright incredible records that have reshaped the genre, and has influenced countless musicians along the way. Before any of that, Kasher was a high school kid cutting his teeth as the guitarist in a little-known Nebraska band called The March Hares.

A few months removed from the release of his fourth solo album, the outstanding Middling Age, Kasher spoke with My First Band host Tyler Maas about the new record and accompanying tour, his approach to songwriting, his Patreon page, and the upcoming vinyl reissue of Domestica on 15 Passenger. Over the course of the conversation, Kasher talked about the musical influence his elder siblings had on him, starting out on a Cascio keyboard before taking up guitar, performing at bonfires and bars with The March Hares and Slowdown Virginia, some of his favorite experiences with Cursive and The Good Life, and much more!

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