Local commercials can be pretty rough. If the low production value, stilted acting, and dreadful graphics aren’t bad enough, the music—oh the music!—can be downright painful. Since most of society is conditioned to ignore local ads, unique measures must be taken to strike a chord with potential customers. In a desert of terrible local ads and grating regional jingles, Joshua Jones’s auto detailing and carpet cleaning commercial is a wondrous oasis.

The Milwaukee (by way of Memphis) entrepreneur put the ad on Facebook last fall, but re-posted it April 15 due to “popular demand.” The self-shot commercial features an auto-tuned Jones singing his own praises over a hot beat as he points to examples of his cleaning and detailing work along with written testimonials from satisfied customers. Despite only being open Sundays, Jones says “results have been good” for the side business, largely thanks to the infectious jingle and the ad’s refreshingly unique approach.

“I have my hands in a lot of other advertising services. I started my detail business to test customer reactions to ads,” Jones tells Milwaukee Record. “I choose jingles because they’re memorable.”

Damn right it’s memorable! What the commercial lacks in budget and sheen it more than makes up for in catchiness. Get acquainted with the ad immediately (and, of course, call 414-639-1544 for your auto detailing and carpet cleaning needs). We bet the next time you’re suffering through an annoying Feldco spot, you’ll be asking yourself why there’s no auto-tune. Milwaukee businesses: if your commercials aren’t like this, you’re fucking up.

[h/t – Jordan Lee of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee]

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