Plug “creepy clowns” into the ol’ Google machine and you’ll be flooded with countless headlines about mysterious and malevolent-looking clowns being spotted throughout the U.S. and beyond. While most reports are simply internet-spun hoaxes and misinformation, others have some basis in reality—yes, people really are dressing up as creepy clowns and prowling around in the dark, if only just to fuck with people.

Or promote a movie. One of the more prominent “creepy clown” stories of recent years involves “Gags,” a terrifying Pennywise-wannabe lurking the streets of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Happily (or unfortunately, depending on your thoughts about creepy clowns), “Gags” turned out to be a marketing ploy for, well, Gags, a short horror film from director Adam Krause and Script 4 Sale Productions. Now, the film is set to make its Milwaukee premiere Sunday, October 16 as part of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Film Fest.

Here’s a synopsis:

In what has become a common headline across the globe, an unidentified individual has been dressing up like a clown and roaming the streets of Green Bay at night, capturing the attention of the entire city. Many write it off as a harmless prank, others aren’t so sure. But when a group of friends cross paths with the clown everyone calls Gags, his true intentions are revealed.

The screening (the film makes its Green Bay premiere October 3) will be followed by a Q&A session with Krause, who will discuss the surprising viral success of Gags‘ marketing campaign. More info on the screening and the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference can be found (we all float downhere.

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