Here at Milwaukee Record, we employ a sentient machine known as the Great Job, Milwaukee! Bot to keep track of the city’s many appearances on dopey online lists, as well as any time a national publication deigns to acknowledges our Midwest existence. Today’s bot report is legitimately great, however: In a New York Times Travel piece published Tuesday, bookstore owner and best-selling author Ann Patchett gives a big shout-out to Milwaukee’s Boswell Book Company. Like, a really big shout-out. Great job, Milwaukee!

Here’s what Patchett has to say about Boswell in her piece, “Ann Patchett’s guide for bookstore pilgrims”:

I went on my first book tour in 1992 when I was 28, and I have been going on book tours ever since. I have made it a point to go to bookstores in every town I’ve ever driven through. I go both as a writer and a reader, for business and for pleasure, and I have been in love with too many to make a comprehensive list here. Still, I have to call out some of my favorites, like Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee, lit by the internal fire of one Daniel Goldin, a stupendously great bookseller.

Patchett is indeed no stranger to Boswell, having appeared at the bookstore this past October. Her latest book is the decades-spanning Commonwealth, the story of “how an unexpected romantic encounter irrevocably changes two families’ lives.” As for Boswell and Goldin, they both indeed rule.