For nearly 30 years, Dustin Diamond has been a thing. The curly-haired goof first wormed his way into our hearts in 1987 as Screech on Disney Channel’s Good Morning, Miss Bliss. That show was quickly retooled to become the insanely popular/insane Saved By The Bell, which aired from 1989 until 1993, and is probably playing on MeTV right this second. College years and new classes followed for young Diamond, as did house foreclosures, ill-fated reality show appearances, ill-fated sex tapes, ill-fated “tell-all” books, Christmas-day bar stabbingsjail, and jail. Oh, and that time he did that “Bayside Bash” at Turner Hall. The fuck was up with that?

Anyway, Diamond has been a resident of Port Washington, Wisconsin for the last decade or so, which helps explain his latest accolade: Wisconsin’s most Googled “D-list” celebrity. According to real estate site Estately, Wisconsin Googles the words “Dustin Diamond” more than any other U.S. state. Estately used Google Trends to compile its report, which also reveals Diamond’s one-time co-star (and recent interviewer) Mario Lopez is still big in California. Closer to home, Verne Troyer is Mini-Me-ing it up in Michigan, Craig Kilborn is still hosting The Daily Show in an alternate reality in Minnesota, and Jenny McCarthy is denying science in Illinois.

No word yet on which states habitually Google “Kelly Kapowski,” “Zack Morris,” or “whoa who was the nurse on that one episode.”

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