If you don’t follow (the newly revamped) As Goes Wisconsin on your favorite social media platforms, go ahead and change that now. The brainchild of Wisconsin-born writer/comedian Kristin Brey, As Goes Wisconsin examines the many, many, many confounding political issues currently shaping our great state, and presents them in a humorous (but always informative) way. And hey! Every other week (or so) Brey sits down with Milwaukee Record‘s own Matt Wild for a shoot-the-shit current events show called Matt And Kristin Talk About Milwaukee And Wisconsin Stuff! Fun!

This week: As Milwaukee enters Day 3 of “ESPN called us a terrible city” discourse, Matt and Kristin explore a classic topic: Milwaukee’s inferiority complex. Does it exist? Should it exist? Should we really be that surprised when random celebrities like Sheryl Crow profess their love for our sports teams? (GO BUCKS!) Kristin also digs into the summer’s unfortunate “Club Water Street” phenomenon, and slays the show’s recurring “Mandatory Johnson” segment with…AN ACTUAL ENCOUNTER WITH RON JOHNSON.

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As Goes Wisconsin’s Kristin Brey joins us for ‘Matt And Kristin Talk About MKE And WI Stuff’