To paraphrase Douglas Adams, NorthSouth Club—a.k.a. the new axe-throwing/shuffleboard bar located at 230 E. Pittsburgh Ave. in Walker’s Point—is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way from Merriment Social to the east and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee to the west, but that’s just peanuts to NorthSouth Club.

What makes NorthSouth Club so big? How about 12,000 square feet of renovated warehouse space, 16 axe-throwing lanes, seven deck shuffleboard courts, a full bar featuring Milwaukee and Wisconsin selections, giant garage doors, gorgeous skylights, and room for 299 people.

NorthSouth Club is the brainchild of Marla and David Poytinger. (Read our 2018 profile on them HERE.) It’s the couple’s fourth “activity bar,” joining AXE MKE, Nine Below, and the recently re-located Splash Studio. It’s certainly their biggest venture to date. It’s kind of nuts. It opens August 3. It’s gonna do great. (Oh, and the whole “north-south” thing refers to the woodsy axe-throwing theme on the north end, and the tropical shuffleboard theme on the south.)

“NorthSouth Club isn’t just a place to play games,” says Marla Poytinger. “It’s an adventure.” She’s not kidding. Here are 35 pictures to prove it.