The annual Locust Street Festival of Music & Art is one of the city’s best street fests, celebrating all that is good, right, and drum circle-y in Riverwest. On Sunday, June 10, the 42nd installment of the neighborhood fest will kick off at 11:30 a.m. with the ever-popular 1.8-mile Beer Run (or walk), followed by eight hours of food, drinks, crafts, and stellar people-watching.

As great as all that is, live music is always the main attraction for Locust Street Festival. Last week, we told you who would be gracing the Riverwest Public House stages at this year’s event. Today, we’ve learned the rest of the acts that will be playing Locust Street Festival. Set times and individual stage lineups haven’t been announced, but here’s everyone playing the 2018 installment:

Ruth B8r Ginsburg
Rocket Cat
Dirty Canteen
Matt Moud
Steve Hubler
Veteran’s Showcase
Weary Road
Karma Shotgun
DJ Dripsweat
VoodooHoney House Band
The Dollhouse Show
Soup Moat
Karaoke host Morgan leads mass sing-a-long of “Don’t Stop Believin'”
Taj Raiden
Loud Sun
The Mic (comedy) with Greg Bach and Dan Ehrmann
Bootleg Bessie
Armchair Boogie
Write A Catchy Title
Sam Llanas Band
Joseph Huber Band
Another One
Sigmund Snopek’s Beer Show
Chris Haise Band
Matthew Hendricks
PrideFest Wom!nz Spot Collaboration
Chicken Wire Empire
Vincent VanGreat