Cards Against Humanity—a.k.a. the edgy Apples To Apples that will inevitably find you explaining “bukkake” to your parents on Christmas Eve—is hiding a bunch of boxes throughout Milwaukee this week. The popular card game is posting pictures to its Instagram account revealing the locations of its new “green boxes,” which contain 300 new cards. The locations have so far included the Bronze Fonz, the lakefront, and the Pabst Mansion.

“Milwaukee, start your new year off arguably funnier,” the company says. “We’re hiding our brand new green boxes with 300 new cards around the city for the next five days.” CAH fans can follow the company’s Instagram account for further clues, along with the account of @brentknepper, who is hiding the boxes. Only then will Milwaukee learn that the next McDonald’s Happy Meal is going to be made with the tears of 1,000 diarrhea-prone children or whatever. [h/t Rob Wieland]