If you don’t follow As Goes Wisconsin on your favorite social media platforms, go ahead and change that now. The brainchild of Wisconsin-born writer/comedian Kristin Brey, As Goes Wisconsin examines the many, many, many confounding political issues currently shaping our great state, and presents them in a humorous (but always informative) way. From Packers-themed explainers on gerrymandering to TikTok videos pondering the awful enigma of Glenn Grothman, As Goes Wisconsin makes paying attention to Wisconsin politics just a little bit less infuriating.

And hey! Now Brey is joining Milwaukee Record‘s own Matt Wild for a biweekly, shoot-the-shit current events show called Matt And Kristin Talk About Milwaukee And Wisconsin Stuff! Fun!

This week’s topics: Raising Milwaukee’s Sales Tax. Why is it important? Why are we screwed if we don’t do it? Why aren’t we even allowed to put the question to a referendum vote? Next: Privatizing Bradford Beach. Is it really happening? What’s the deal with that shipping container bar? Do a few removable tables and chairs on an underused pavilion platform spell certain doom for Milwaukee’s lakefront? Plus, our recurring segment on whatever the hell Sen. Ron Johnson has been up to this week: Mandatory Johnson. Enjoy!