If you don’t follow As Goes Wisconsin on your favorite social media platforms, go ahead and change that now. The brainchild of Wisconsin-born writer/comedian Kristin Brey, As Goes Wisconsin examines the many, many, many confounding political issues currently shaping our great state, and presents them in a humorous (but always informative) way. From Packers-themed explainers on gerrymandering to TikTok videos pondering the awful enigma of Glenn Grothman, As Goes Wisconsin makes paying attention to Wisconsin politics just a little bit less infuriating.

And hey! Now Brey is joining Milwaukee Record‘s own Matt Wild for a biweekly, shoot-the-shit current events show called Matt And Kristin Talk About Milwaukee And Wisconsin Stuff! Fun!

This week’s topics: the Wisconsin State Fair! The Fair recently announced it will be going ahead with its 2021 shindig August 5-15. What kind of safety protocols will be in place? Who knows! Next up: masks, vaccines, and more! Vaccinated folks can walk around mask-less now (outdoors, at least), but will some choose to wear masks anyway? And what’s the deal with all those post-vax headaches? Plus, our recurring segment on whatever the hell Sen. Ron Johnson has been up to this week: Mandatory Johnson! Enjoy!

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Matt And Kristin Talk About MKE And WI Stuff #2: Vaccinations, MKE Health Dept.

As Goes Wisconsin’s Kristin Brey joins us for ‘Matt And Kristin Talk About MKE And WI Stuff’