Newsflash: Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day. If you live in Milwaukee, here’s a bunch of information on what you’ll need to vote. Here’s a bunch of information on where you’ll need to vote. And, because you’ll definitely need a drink and a place to blow off some steam no matter how this thing goes down, here’s a bunch of stuff to do when you’re done voting. Finally. Oh god, finally.

UPDATE: Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, it is illegal to “offer anything of value to induce a person to go the polls or not go to the polls.” Therefore, many of the deals listed below may be void.

Blackbird Election Night Party
Election Day is extra special to Blackbird. The Bay View bar and pinball player’s dream came into existence the same night Barack Obama was elected to office in 2008. Eight years and thousands of $2 pints of Riverwest Stein later, Blackbird is still thriving, and they’re want to celebrate. Enjoy the same great specials as always—$2 Stein and Supper Club, and two-for-one rail cocktails—and commemorate the night the country changed hands in the bar’s beloved photo booth.

Bublr Bikes
Okay, this is more of a “What to do when you’re getting ready to vote” kind of thing, but whatever. The ever-expanding Bublr Bikes (seriously, 27 more stations will likely pop up by the time you’re finished reading this) is offering unlimited free 30-minute rides on Election Day. Just enter the code “1776” (heh) at any Bublr Bikes station. Individual rides over 30 minutes cost a lousy $3 for each additional 30 minutes.

Bumstead Provisions
Once you’re done soaking in the sights of Bumstead Provision’s Chris Farley mural, head inside with your “I Voted” sticker and get all-you-can-drink Wisconsin draft beer for a lousy $20. Tommy likes drinky.

Club Garibaldi Election Night Party

The Bay View bar and buffalo wing empire is offering free food (while it lasts) and specials on food—$2 sliders!—and drinks. Once you cash in on all your other sticker-related freebies, exchange your “I Voted” sticker for a free can of Hamm’s.

UPDATE: Due to legal constraints previously unknown to the bar, Club Garibaldi will no longer be offering free Hamm’s to voters.

Here’s another not-so-breaking newsflash: DanDan is good. Really good. Even better? The new and deservedly hyped American-Chinese restaurant is offering fifty percent off your first cocktail, glass of wine, or draft beer with proof of voting on Election Day. The deal is good for lunch or dinner.

LuLu’s 2016 Election Party
Like most of us, LuLu just seems to be happy this shitshow of an election is almost over. To celebrate the conclusion of the most terrifying and exhausting election cycle since, uh…ever, the Bay View restaurant and bar will bring out the party favors, offer their delectable house-made potato chips, and have a champagne toast once the final vote is tallied. No matter your side of the aisle, we’re all going to need a drink.

Mikey’s Election Viewing Party
If, post-voting, you find yourself wandering around downtown in a daze, wondering how and when this thing we call “America” will inevitably end, why not pop into Mikey’s for some much-needed human comfort? Also on tap at the Jefferson Street BBQ joint: complimentary BBQ bites and appetizers, and Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump themed cocktails (pro tip: they’re the ones running for president).

NEWaukee’s Election Watch Party at Chic Underground
The placemakin’, night marketin’, social architectin’ folks at NEWaukee will be throwing an election watch party at downtown’s Chic Underground, complete with live music from Cigarette Break, free food, and drink specials. The fun and/or End Times start at 6 p.m.

Nomad World Pub
If you thought it couldn’t get any more Milwaukee than Club Garibaldi’s “can of Hamm’s” Election Day deal, think again. Bring your “I Voted” sticker into the Nomad for a can of PBR. Oh, and stick around for some likely much-needed karaoke.

Hopefully you didn’t hand over your sticker at Club G before enjoying a shot and a discounted slice of pie across the street at Palomino.

Riverwest Filling Station
9to5, a grassroots organization dedicated to helping low-income women and women in the workplace, is throwing an election night watch party at Riverwest Filling Station. Anyone is invited to stop by and enjoy the Station’s happy hour specials until 6 p.m.

Riverwest Public House
Looking for tacos and the company of a vice presidential candidate? Of course you are. The Little Havana Express food truck will be parked outside the Public House on Election Day (as part of #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner, see below), and Angela Walker will be dropping by to keep you company. Neat!

#TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner (Boone & Crockett, Burnhearts, Sugar Maple)
Three Bay View bars will join forces with Chicago’s 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and some food trucks to forge an Election Night event that will give almost any Milwaukee voter something to look forward to. Boone & Crockett, Burnhearts, and Sugar Maple will host #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner outside of their businesses. Boone will serve up food from a so-called “Food Voltron” composed of chefs from DanDan, Goodkind, and Vanguard; meanwhile, Boone’s ever-present affiliate, Gypsy Taco, will migrate to Burnhearts for the occasion. Sugar Maple will host a third party candidate, as Iron Grate BBQ will run as Iron Grate Taco Co. for one night only. Almost as good as the neighborhood collaboration: a dollar from each Five Rabbit beer sold will be donated to Bay View Community Center. If only those clowns in Congress could work together as well as these bars, right?!

Up & Under Comedy Show

Need an escape from red states, blue states, and wild projections from network news personalities? Up & Under will grant some rib-tickling reprieve from the historic and potentially cataclysmic political process with a comedy show. The “Gentle Giants Tour” features stand-up from touring comics Jamie Carbone and Tommy Morgan Jr., as well as local support from homegrown humorists Carter Deems, Ton Johnson, Mike Berg, David Louis, and Addie Blanchard. The show is $2, but you get a shot by showing your “I Voted” sticker. We’re not economics experts, but that’s a pretty good deal.