Milwaukee Record is working in partnership with Urban Cat Coalition—a local organization that’s dedicated to creating a no kill community by humanely reducing the cat population in the Milwaukee area through targeted trap-neuter-return (TNR)—to help find loving homes for area cats. Each week, we plan to highlight a feline friend that’s currently up for adoption by naming it “Milwaukee Record’s Cat Of The Week.” This week: a curmudgeonly cutie named Ruthie.

Meet Ruthie. Ruthie, a.k.a. Oscar the Grouch, is a textbook example of “tortitude.” When we first scooped her up from the wood pile where we found her hiding, she was as spicy as they come! So much spite in such a small package! Even after a few days in foster care, while all her sibs were adjusting to their new digs and enjoying unlimited food, she was having none of it! Her growling and grumbling threats were honestly hilarious and adorable.

This girl is the reincarnation of a 70-year-old woman, standing on her porch in her housecoat with a cig dangling from the corner of her mouth, yelling at the kids riding their bikes on her driveway. She has that moxie of a litter runt. Tiny but mighty, she’ll ambush her siblings if they turn their back on her. She’s matched only by her brother Mike in the energy department. She’s an Olympian level parkour-er. She also excels at looking down on you with disdain from the highest point of her throne (cat tree).

While she has mellowed quite a bit over the past couple months and come to accept her fate of ruling an indoor world instead of the outdoor realm, she still has an attitude. But whenever she does deign to plop herself next to humans and allow the privilege of petting her, it feels like a victory. Consider adopting Ruthie with one of her less curmudgeonly siblings, Mike or Dani.


Friendly, funny, affectionate, playful, smart, curious, athletic

Coat length


Vaccinations up to date, spayed


Urban Cat Coalition Policies

All cats are altered, microchipped, dewormed and given age appropriate vaccinations. PLEASE NOTE: We do not have a physical shelter, therefore all our cats reside in foster homes. We do require a completed application prior to setting up a Meet & Greet in a foster home. Complete an application today! Si necesitas ayuda en Español, por favor contáctenos a [email protected]. If cats are listed, consider them available. Please do not email or call us asking if they are still available. Visit our website for additional information about our organization, adoption policies and adoption fees.