Late last winter, Kathleen Madigan joined an exclusive group that includes Louis CK, Kathy Griffin, Ralphie May, Spinal Tap, and…ugh Jeff Dunham by becoming the latest comedian to film a special in Milwaukee. The veteran comic performed two shows at Pabst Theater back on March 5, which were filmed for a then-untitled special with no set release date. Earlier this month, Bothering Jesus was released on Netflix.

To give fans an idea of why she decided to immortalize her latest hour with the historic Milwaukee venue as her backdrop, Madigan released a behind the scenes video that shows her preparing for her performances, discussing why she fancies the theater, and talking about her Ms. Pac-Man prowess in the green room with Lewis Black.

The candid clip shows the Midwestern-born Madigan looking out over an empty Pabst Theater—or as she calls it, “the house that beer built”—and remarking about its beauty and how “it feels like a giant club.” See one of the city’s most renowned venues like you’ve never seen it before, then stream Bothering Jesus and watch Madigan tell jokes with Milwaukee as her backdrop.

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