Not even a pandemic can slow Jon Snodgrass down. In recent months, the long-tenured and accomplished punk troubadour recorded and released a new album on A-F Records, put out a children’s record, and continued his cross-continental collaboration with Frank Turner. Along the way, he’s also written enough new material for yet another album. Though current conditions don’t permit him to tour for a change, Snodgrass continues to be a lighthearted and eternally optimistic musician who, fortunately, has decades worth of great stories to draw from his time on stage.

Last week, Snodgrass called My First Band host Tyler Maas to talk about Tace—his new album, which features accompaniment from members of Rise Against, The Lawrence Arms, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Lagwagon—and how he’s keeping active during his downtime. Of course, the conversation eventually turned to his upbringing in Missouri, formative musical experiences as a teenager, his move to Fort Collins, and the ups and downs from his time in seminal bands like Armchair Martian, Drag The River, and Scorpios. Over the course of the discussion, also Snodgrass talked about his beloved Colorado Rockies, shared some of his favorite memories from his lengthy musical career, and even performed some impromptu jingles for our sponsors.

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