It’s Monday. Our country is bitterly divided. Politics are insane. Our planet is doomed. George Romero died yesterday. So did Martin Landau. McDonald’s is really going through with that whole “getting rid of Hi-C orange drink” thing. Ugh.

So, to paraphrase Dionne Warwick, what the world needs now are cat videos. Lots of cat videos. Preferably in a live, communal setting, so we can all huddle around the prehistoric campfire one last time before the whole thing goes to pot. After all, you can’t hear the death throes of civilization when Mr. Puddles is tumbling off his little carpet tower and into a dish of decorative potpourri.

Anyway, “Cat Videos Live!” is coming to Turner Hall Wednesday, October 4. The family-friendly event is said to provide an “authentic, wildly entertaining atmosphere for animal lovers to experience the cat video phenomenon—together—in a live, theatrical setting.” Furthermore, “‘Cat Videos Live!’ is a forum for cat video creators from amateurs to celebrities to showcase their cats.” Yes.

The nationally touring show is hosted by New York City-based comedienne Carla Rhodes. All ticket sales ($27.50 general admission, on sale Friday, July 21) will be donated to and We need this right about now. Oh god, we need this.

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