Before he made a name for himself in roots and Americana music as the front man and primary songwriter of a band that bears his name, Joseph Huber was a punk kid living in the country. While growing up on the outskirts of New London, Wisconsin, the mohawked Huber learned how to play guitar on an Ibanez before spending most of his high school years playing in The Inserts and writing regrettable songs in The Rogues. After moving to Milwaukee for college, Huber hit it off with Jayke Orvis and the rest was history.

Prior to leaving for a west coast tour and shortly before the release of his forthcoming album, Moondog, Huber joined host Tyler Maas at Milwaukee Record headquarters and told him about his first formative shows in northeast Wisconsin, regretting some of his early songwriting decisions, teaching himself banjo in exactly the wrong way, and how .357 String Band started and subsequently took the Milwaukee music scene by storm.

My First Band is sponsored by Boulevard Brewing and is edited by Jared Blohm. You can listen to My First Band on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and wherever else you get podcasts. Music used in this show comes courtesy of Devils Teeth (“The Junction Street Eight Tigers”), The Rogues (“Reading Is Dumb”) and Joseph Huber (“Rivers Of Smoke”).