As you (hopefully) know by now, the Milwaukee Public Museum isn’t long for this world. MPM is in the early stages of building a new, state-of-the-art, smaller home just north of the Deer District, on the corner of Sixth and Vliet in the city’s Haymarket neighborhood. It plans to move there in 2026. The old/current museum will remain open until then, but after that, that’s it: If you love the old/current MPM and its oversized dioramas and dark hallways, now’s the time to visit.

Museum leaders have been cagey about which exhibits will make the transition to the new location and which ones won’t. (They’ve assured the public there will be a new snake button.) But they’re clearly excited about the move: Pay a visit to the museum today and you’ll find a small room—located across the hall from the movie theater, where the old Discovery World used to be—dedicated to the new Milwaukee Public Museum. And oh yeah, it probably won’t be called Milwaukee Public Museum anymore.

Anyway, here’s everything in that room. Enjoy! And visit the museum!

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