More than a month ago, 32 Milwaukee bands and rappers threw their respective hats in the ring—or more accurately, brought their drastically varying basketball skills to the court—to engage in the inaugural Bandsketball tournament. A lot has happened since the first round of action at the hoops at the corner of Fratney and Center streets in Riverwest: WebsterX somehow spit in his own eye whilst trash-talking; a member of Higher Education Records removed stitches from his own hand so he could compete; a guy from SAFS Crew dunked, then got absolutely rejected by somebody from Platinum Boys (pictured above); Riverwest garbage cans overflowed with discarded pant legs…the casualty of self-cut denim jorts; thankfully, this video was made.

Now, just four teams remain in contention. Here’s how the field was halved from eight:
– Sunday at 11 a.m., The Cavewives fell victim to SAFS Crew in a close series of games
– After a rain delay, which forced one game to be rescheduled, WebsterX and Lousy Trouts bravely returned to the slippery courts. After two games and one turned Trout ankle, Sam Ahmed and his appointed WebsterX teammates advanced
– For the Sunday finale, Cherryball‘s Robert Weiss was the lone baller able to play, so Thriftones elected to level the playing field by sending Matthew Davies to play Weiss one-on-one. The gesture made no difference, as Weiss (and, thus, Cherryball) fell
– Tuesday morning, the postponed Sunday match-up of Caley Conway And The Lucy Cukes against Higher Education Records was played. Caley and company’s name didn’t even fit on the line for the field of 32, but the songbird and her cronies shows their band’s lengthy nomenclature belongs on the bracket, as their George Mason- or Butler-like Cinderella story continued with a 11-4 and 11-8 ousting of the young hip-hop group

The remaining teams will return to the court at 1 p.m. Friday, August 1 for a pre-Breadfest showdown that will pit WebsterX against Caley Conway And The Lucy Cukes, and SAFS Crew against Thriftones. The winners of those games will play in the championship game at 2 p.m. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.