If you’ve been keeping up on Milwaukee entertainment and culture coverage at any point in the last 15 years or so, you’re likely very familiar with the work of Matt Wild. Before co-founding Milwaukee Record with My First Band host Tyler Maas in early 2014, Wild served as the City Editor of Milwaukee’s branch of The A.V. Club and got the occasional byline in national publications as well. Prior to earning a reputation as one of the Milwaukee’s most talented and unique journalistic voices, Wild was a musician and film student with little-to-no writing aspirations.

During Milwaukee Record‘s recent “14-Hour Socially Distant Telethon,” Maas and Wild worked in enough time for a My First Band recording. During the lengthy and open discussion, the co-owners and editors talked about the unlikely start of the business, the ups and downs of Milwaukee Record‘s first six years, and how they’re trying to get through the economic uncertainty and difficulty of the COVID-19 crisis. Eventually, Wild got into his 15-year run with his first and only band, Holy Mary Motor Club, which consisted of unforgettable shows in West Bend, an abbreviated tour, some interesting costumes, and an opportunity to open for The Arcade Fire. Before episode’s end, Wild also talked about what eventually brought him into the realm of writing and both he and Maas talked about where they plan to bring Milwaukee Record post-pandemic.

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